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It’s like coming home. From a great and pleasant widening to a small movement that connects you with yourself. At each exhale, more lightness…..sticks, balls and foam sticks play in your body, you feel them and gradually integrate them, and let pop up nearby well-being. Listen yourself, feel yourself and flow…..

Montse Bio

The fact that of going to BioAjustament classes is the best gift that you can make to yourself.

I’m not going to talk about the many benefits that BioAjustament give you. You can just write on your computer and google it. You will find them all, but I will tell you what it has taught me and what makes it consider classes as a wonderful gift. It has taught me how to become aware of my body, to be aware of my breathing and to take it wherever I feel the blockade. Being aware of our breathing is the key, not only for living, but for physical, emotional and mental well-being.

But all this, if there wasn’t possible if there was not a person behind. This person is Marta and she gives you confidence, she is capable to see how you are and what you need as soon as you get into her studio, she makes you live and feel what you are doing. Without her the Bioajustament classes would no be so effective.

Thank you Marta to be how you are and help us to feel us better in physical, mental and emotional way.

Dolors Capell

I heard about Bio-Adjustment and Marta when I was more despair due to the pain I felt in my body and seeing that every day my body was more rigid. I had the feeling that my body would break somewhere. Two years have passed and nowadays I don’t need any medicine to get through the day.  My body is more agile and the pain almost has disappeared. 


Hello, I’m saying Montse and for three years now I’m going to BioAdjustments, the truth is that I never heard of this method, I met him By means of a friend and I will sincerely be always grateful to you for telling me.

The first thing I want to emphasize is the very close and pleasant treatment I have with Martha, who is my regular teacher and makes classes very easy to understand and that exercises are much more successful.

I go on Mondays and we are a group of women, who, among all, have a variety of body pains and how, we all know each other, the classes are very interesting, reassuring and fun at the same time that we are gradually fixing .

In my case, the first thing I have learned is to relax, which I thought I would never achieve, and it is as easy as doing some exercises with correct breathing, which is definitely the key to everything.

My problem has always been postural, which has caused my cervical, lumbar and fever to be bad, I always had a headache and I was always tense, I did not rest well enough at night and in the end I always had a feeling of tiredness all day.

Now I’m a lot better, I could never imagine that I did exercises with soft balls, hard, of different sizes, wood poles, churros, etc. and doing everything on the floor, comfortably and effortlessly, would have the same effect as if I were doing a general Massage; Every week we do different things and work the whole body and when we finish the classes, it is a total relaxation, then for a few hours or a day, they depend on the exercises, the feeling is removed from the whole body, such as when you get a massage, But when everything happens, I find it great.

My experience is very positive, now I feel a lot better, I no longer have a headache, the cervicals have improved a lot, the feet and everything in general have changed, I have modified the posture and therefore my lumbars do not hurt me anymore.

The most important thing to me is that I have learned to know my body and mood and now I understand why, from the evils that I had and between the classes and the exercises I do at home whenever I can, I am improving day by day .

I intend to continue with classes because I like them very much and I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to improve their quality of life, because in the end, if we are physically well or mentally and mentally, and this is the most important thing to do against life.

Thanks Marta


It is not an aggressive gymnassy but if effective, it works with small movements combined with breathing and from a perspective that the body and the mind are a single unit.

Our monitor “La Marta” is a person who loves and knows in depth this topic, and has the ability to transmit their knowledge enthusiastically and comprehensively.

It’s all a luxury to work with her. “

Montse B

I remember very well my first day at BioAdjustment sessions … Martha asked me to explain what my body image had to my idea … I did not know it, I never stopped to observe how I felt the different parts of me body Luck that little by little, I’ve been learning and now I identify more and better as I am, where I have some problem … because if I do not know where the problem is, I can not help!

From that beginning that it is beginning to be far away, I always think of myself, thinking that it is a gift to be able to have this time a week for me. The sessions make me feel good, not just because I realize that my body is better after doing the exercises, but because they make me aware of what I have to take care of … and above all, because that one Anyway, I forget about all the winnings and get calm and calm!

Montse R

Hello everyone and everyone who see my writing

How could I start my experience with the world of BioAjustament: I met him through osteopathy with my dearest friend MARTA LLORDÉS

I suffer from osteoarthritis she gave me osteopathy massages and she advised me the micro good I tried it and it was my salvation I went from taking a lot of anti-inflammatories to not taking any it’s true that the bad one had no one has taken it from me but it is true that I have not gone to more

My body went from being atrophied to having mobility, of having continuous pain to having a bearable pain, it has not been easy for 9 years doing 100km every week all year and I have never repented it has been my salvation I have always thought that it has saved me wheelchair emotional mind is a phenomenal therapy is also true that Marta is great listens and explains the reason for your discomfort I also want to name my dear Gema the two are phenomenal

It has also helped me to meet great people and meet a great friend thanks MARTA THANKS GEMA AND FOR YOU DOLORS WISH Q OUR FRIENDSHIP NEVER LOSE

M Angeles Luna

I started doing BioAdjustment about 9 years ago and since then my life has changed. The BioAjustament has taught me to know more about my body and when I have pain, if the material (balls, churros, etc.) that I have to put on and together with Marta, the teacher who is great helps us a lot and we have a great time Very well, with the band’s companions, we are very lazy and good for the body. I have gone through many groups all these years and I have not had any problems with anyone, all of them are superb.

Well, I do not get any more, we continue stretching like I do, what I do every day and thank you very much for having met you, many kisses.

Dolors Riu

A few years ago I had just undergone a back operation and they talked to me about BioAjustament I did not know what it was, I started one day to try and until today. I always say the same thing I wish I had known before, to have a back that could fit me two fists of the curvature I had to how it is today does not seem the same, for me it is the best hour and a half invested in my health, thanks Marta for your work thanks to today I can continue working.


I started spoiled a few years ago, and now I’m very good, thanks Marta and Gemma.

Carme Arbonés

I started on the recommendation of a friend. I had to be pretty bad. I remember that I did not even ask what the technique consisted … I pointed it out, and for 4 or 5 years I’m going, I will not say it’s a miraculous technique, but Help and much with your well-being ….


I thought that having a headache was always usual. I regularly visited my osteopath when I felt mischievous; but after an accident with cervical injury and many sessions of physio they recommended this method. I could not lose anything: I needed to find an alternative.

Already from the first sessions you perceive an improvement; but just nine months ago I went to BioAjustament and I can tell you I know better: I learned to breathe, to become aware of my strengths and weaknesses, to move me harmonically … and I also found a time for me same. Marta gives us patterns of self-knowledge and good advice to continue on the day of each day.

And we know that getting to know us is good for us. Thanks for being there.

Tresa P.

After four years of class attendance, the improvements in my health have been enormous and we have a hard time imagining myself one day without my hour of the week. For a long time, he suffered from the back, pain that made it difficult for us to rest and to seek a calm and fluid sleep. This activity has allowed me to get to know my body better and improve my pains and my position. The classes also give me health tips, to treat headaches among other ailments. Tranquility and peace are the result of each class. Classes are the most advisable for everyone.


I’ve found it priced and forwarded to you, pq is related to what I’m representing BioAdjustments classes for me.

For me, we are body, soul and spirit, all of them united. Bio-adjustment is opening doors to get to know me more. I am enjoying a lot, thank you very much !!!!!!

“I release my parents from the feeling that they have failed with me …

I release my children from the need to bring pride to myself, that they can write their own ways according to their hearts, which whisper all the time in their ears …

I release my partner from the obligation to complete me. I do not need anything, I learn all the beings all the time …

I thank my grandparents and ancestors who gathered to breathe life today …

I freed them from the failures of the past and from the desires that they did not accomplish, aware that they did their best to resolve their situations within the consciousness they had at that moment … I honor them, I love them and recognize innocents … .

I undress my soul in front of his eyes, that is why they know that I am not hiding nor I owe anything, more than being faithful to myself and to my own existence that, walking with the wisdom of the heart, I am aware that I am fulfilling my project of Life, free from invisible and visible family loyalties that may disturb my Peace and Happiness, which are my only responsibilities.

I renounce the role of savior, being the one that unites or meets the expectations of others …

Learning through and only through, of LOVE … bless my essence, my way of expressing, even if someone can not understand me.

I understand myself, because I only lived and experienced my story; Because I know myself, I know who I am, what I feel, what I do and why I do it.

I respect myself and approve myself.

I honor the Divinity in me and in you … We are free. “

(Old Nahuatl Blessing, written in the seventh century in the central region of Mexico, which deals with forgiveness, love, detachment and liberation.)


I will try to be brief but if they ask me how to define my experience in the Bio-Adjustment classes taught by Marta and Gemma, these words only come to my mind; health, calmness, harmony, comfort and acquisition of knowledge regarding the functioning of the body and our mind.

In my case, I decided to point out the discomfort that suffered in the lumbar area due to a spinal pinching and pain in the knees proper to genugo valgo.

Since I started classes quickly I noticed improvement, that discomfort that caused me physical illness has disappeared and for 4 years it has totally mitigated the pain. Even so, I continue in the sessions week after week as we touch different areas of the body and relax the small tension discomforts that originate from day to day. In fact, I have to admit that when a week of the last class lasts I want the next one because it is to enter the room where we carry out the work and it is to enter in a calm environment, where it is important for breathing , to the concentration and where you get to disconnect from the real world.


They told me about BioAjustament and Marta how desperate I was for the pain I felt everywhere and seeing that my body was stiffer every day, I had the feeling that it would break through somewhere.
Visits, resonances, RX, soothing and more, but the thing did not improve.
It’s been two years and I do not need any medicine, my body is more agile, the pain has almost disappeared.
Thank you Marta.


Looking for a back school on the recommendation of my traumatologist, I discovered Bio-Adjustment. I tried it and from that for more than 4 years ago.

BioAdjustment has been the most appropriate way to become aware of my own body, the limitations and the bad positions that we are dragging for a long time.

With the micro I learned, with the right exercises, to improve my body posture and, in addition, we also have tools to solve a problem (lumbar illness, neck stiffness, insomnia …) when I’m at home, applying the Different positions and material for each case.

I am very satisfied with the micro classes and I try to never lose any class. BioAdjustment is already part of my life.

Laura C

Hi Marta

I came to Bio-Adjustment, by chance. They recommended it to me.

I was looking for something, to release my armor,

My emotional part, since I was conditioning myself, to do bad things

Body postures and therefore I was not well with myself.

I have to say that I declare myself unconditional to classes.

In these 3 years of practicing it, I have been learning to correct

My bad habits and, above all, I was able to solve it

a part, of a vision problem that worried me. I have done

with the pole in the head, every day, as you recommended me.

When I have some discomfort, instinctively I already know what

I have to do, put on the churros, or we put balls to the place

that bothers me, etc.

And to finish I would like to emphasize that when the class is over,

I feel a great energy release, as if you were getting a weight on it, it’s a very nice feeling.

It’s funny, as balls or sticks or churros can reach

Undo these knots that we have so deep.

I am glad and grateful for your dedication to us.

Thank you Marta.

Montse R

I had back pain and more than anything, the cervical part. I started doing BioAdjustment Classes this September, and the truth is that I have noticed a change in my very important body. I am better than the cervical, especially my body is not so tense, I have learned to breathe well. What is more important than thinking about breathing.
They are exercises that with little effort is to work very well, the parts of your body, and also salts of the super relaxed class.

Magda T

I started doing bio setting years ago because I felt I needed to do something for my body and my mind.  I’ve always felt at home in TECMA, Marta is an excellent, innovative, close professional and my best friend. 

Later I had a car accident, a frontal collision.  The insurer sent me to do a lot of physical recovery that did not give any positive results in terms of improving posture or pain. 

I decided to continue with bio adjustment and it was what helped me to have a correct posture of my neck and shoulders, without violent movements you feel that your whole body returns to place organically, as well as emotionally freed me from the trauma caused by the accident. 

Marta and Gema do an excellent job as professionals but what is most remarkable about them is their integrity as people and as company.  Everyone I know who is going to bio-adjust with them has only good things to say, about the program and about themselves.  Solve problems of the physical body that had no solution and at the same time give you a hand towards self-discovery. 

The only thing I feel is that BioAjustament is thousands of km away from where I work and live, otherwise BioAdjustment would be part of the Nourish the Brain program in California and all my ladies would do it ….. one day it will be! 

Gemi Bertran. CEO Nourish the brain institute( California USA)

In front of the blank paper, with a quiet breath and with the intention of describing the work Marta has given me over the course of all this time, I get excited.

The first day I walked through the door of the BioAjustament studio, 14 years ago, I remember my precarious awareness of my body. That gave me the vision of seeing my head come through the door first and then my body. I was totally unbalanced. In a few months I began to notice changes in my body position. Also I notice the relaxation of my body and in the disappearance of pains that were fully integrated into my life. And with a little more time I got emotional improvements. In my own way, seeing balance is an ideal and integral state and one change causes another. So, piece by piece everything returns to its natural state and balance. So, in my hectic daily basis routines there is a sacred time: Attendance at my weekly BioAjustament class with Marta.

BioAjustament is a postural re-education tour created and guided by Marta. It is meticulously studied, in technique, times and processes.

If you can reach her and you trust you will only need let yourself flow slowly under her directions to get great changes and results in your body.

In particular, I remember that, at the end of the excellent class, my body appreciates the work done, and Marta gives the play a great song, ALEGRIA Du Cirque Du Soleil and let me transport for its notes and aroma. The day is still the same, but I’m already completely renovated.

Thank you for your work and your great ability to share it.

Dolors Castellà.  General Manager at Phoenix Arts Europe

Why is it that after so many time without going to her classes, I’m still using the balls???

Maria José Jimenez.

Psychologist specializing in trauma. Creator Re-Set method

What began more than ten years ago as the need to practice postural gymnastics to relieve my back pains eventually became an indispensable element for me and my life. BioAjustament is not only a therapeutic method that works very well, it goes much further. The postures and movements that I perform with this method, allow me to observe, experiment and investigate my body, listen to it, feel it, pamper it and love it. It also helps me to let myself flow and be more aware of my ailments, resistances and even my emotions. In short, this work not only makes me connect with the physical body and helps me to know myself better externally, but the well-being it provides positively affects me inside, in my mind and in my soul.

Obviously, this work alone would not be the same if there was not behind a wonderful professional that Marta is. From the moment I met her, her energy, wisdom and smile caught me. It not only guides me on this path to achieve my physical well-being but also the mental and emotional that does so well. Personally, I think she is the essence of this method, and I can only say that since I practice it I feel more relaxed, liberated, connected and at peace with myself and that for me is priceless. In fact, I no longer know that it is to wake up every day with back pain or feeling bad and for that I thank you for having known BioAjustament and Marta, and that both are part of the day of my life.

Noelia R. School teacher.