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Osteopath and creator of the BIOAJUSTAMENT Method® although I believe and feel that we are more than just a name, a few studies and a profession. We are all our know-how and experiences and each of us has a vibration, like music, and that’s how we resonate, how we feel and see others.

I love being able to accompany other people and, for that, I have to accompany myself first. There’s a phrase that says, you can’t help or accompany someone to a place you haven’t been.

I feel lucky by all the people who have made a journey on their way with me, with whom I have been able to research, understand and improve the BIOAJUSTAMENT method. They are my great masters.

During all these years I have understood that our physical body does not work alone, does not experience pain just because. It is the one who transmits us a deeper information about what happens with our emotions and thoughts.

From 2006 I have taught at my own studio (approximately 200 people have got classes each week). They are totally different. That fact gives me a very different vision and experience of workouts, because applied them to each person change completely the final result. Feedback from them has been vitally important to be able to improve day by day. Now it’s time to expand all this learning and the new path starts here.


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Tlf. 608062449



Osteopath and body restorer in microgymnastics.

My studies about physical and sports activities techniques and my relationship with sports aroused my curiosity to understand how our body works as a perfect machine.

Looking back, I have a background of more than 15 years performing manual therapy and osteopathy, and teaching micro-gymnastics lessons since 2014. 

The relationship with my patients and with professionals like Marta Llordés have made me evolve towards BioAjustament®. This is the method that I’m performing today. 

Since 2016 I develop my job at Espai Còrpora Studio. My own body restoration place located in Lleida. 

The fact that of being able to help people to improve their relationship, consciousness and respect to their bodies, have made my work my vocation.


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I love exploring and experimenting with my own body. BIOAJUSTAMENT is born from my need to be able to give all the information of the different techniques that I have acquired and creating a new one, linking all the others techniques but from my perspective. I like to accompany people to know their body and give them tools to know what to do at any time, when their body asks for help due to pain, whether physical or psycho-emotional. I believe, from the bottom of my soul, that we all have the ability to know what is wrong with us and what to do at every moment. We just need someone to accompany us to regain our inner wisdom.

How about if I help you and walk together on this amazing path?

A path that lasts a lifetime, an exciting path and once you are in it, our body awakens and becomes conscious. This one starts to speak to us a language unknown to some people and intriguing for others. When this happens we can finally come to a conclusion: WHO CAN KNOW YOU BETTER THAN YOURSELF?

So, if you’re reading my words and you  want and you feel the need of experiencing the start a new path, I can accompany you in this new version of yourself.