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This is not a reading book; it’s a completely practical manual to consult when your body seeks help, and you don’t know what to do. These are easy and simple exercises that require little time to perform, and the results are impressive. The difference compared to other exercises is that you use materials such as balls, sticks, floats, and other items to enhance the entire experience. There are 7 parts of the body and 3 exercises to choose from in each section, along with the necessary timeframes and questions to investigate symptoms more deeply. Many times, we believe that if things are not difficult, they are not good enough, but I can assure you that simplicity holds the key to liberation.

Through the practice of BioAdjustment, you will learn to break old bodily patterns established in your body and mind, releasing accumulated tensions and allowing the body to regenerate itself. Remember that your body is composed of atoms; we are energy. When you release the body, you are releasing beyond the physical.