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♥ Why BioAjustament Women?

First because I’m a woman and also because I’m passionate about the world of women.

♥ In what way?

Well, a lot of us know each other so little that I think we have hidden potential that we don’t even know is there.

♥ Since when do you feel like you can contribute something to women?

From the moment I first started to know I didn’t know anything about myself. And I started to realize that I didn’t really know who I really was. I will try to explain myself a little… When I was born, my father wanted a boy. At the time, in 1978, many people could not know the sex of their child until the time of birth. At this point is where my journey began, from my mother’s belly I should already feel that my dad would have wanted a boy and this is where I began to enhance my masculine part in excess, suppressing some emotional states (because the boys do not cry and are strong). I tried to get my father attention and so that I could feel loved and accepted (not that he would not accept me or want me, just on the other way around, everything was a perception inside me, from the deepest part of my unconscious). I’m telling all this now, obviously I didn’t know it then. I started knowing it a few years ago. All this led me to be a person in my life who wasn’t authentic to myself. I acted more in a “male” status than in a “female” status. It doesn’t mean that one is better than the other, you just need to find the balance between the two of them and I didn’t have it. The “male” status has helped me to do great things in this life and I am grateful to it, but there came a time when this status made me feel empty, I lacked something… and of course I was missing something: RECOVER THE OTHER HIDDEN PART INSIDE ME.

♥ What do you mean, during the recovery of this female part you realized something related to women?

Yes, I felt that maybe some women, like me, didn’t know they had these two parts, that some of them had more awake one part than the other. In my case the “Male” part was more awake and repressed the “female” one but in other women could be the other way around. I began to observe stiffness, breaths, body shapes, tone and ways of speaking of all the women who were in my path and it was amazing to see how people’s bodies speak.

♥ So, with BioAjustament’s work you can help women in this balancing process?

Yes, from my own experience and the experience shared by the women who accompany me. And who have shared their way with me, through exercises of body, emotional and energetic workout we can find ourselves again.