What do you need to know?

What do you need to know? 2021-01-10T15:10:17+00:00

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What you need to know before you start the 4 accompanying sessions in these work outs:

  • This accompaniment does not replace any other work of health professionals.
  • If you have any health problems, see your trusted professional.
  • This accompaniment does not have the intention of healing you, but it is to accompany you so that you are the one who heals yourself.
  • It’s 4 weeks of self-examination and exercise to help you through your recovery process.

What are the 4 weeks:

  • How long do I need? An hour and a half 1 day a week and the other 6 days small reminders of 10 minutes per day.  So that the work out is integrated into our brain and we make new neural connections to make the work effective.
  • Are you required to have previous experience? No, but it is important that you have first completed the free course of introduction to BioAjustament, which explains the guidelines, positions and movements that are used in all courses also the tools that we usually manage.
  • Where can I get the necessary tools for the work out? There are tools that are easy to find and others we can send them to you. In the store of our website there are all the tools you will may need.
  • How do I know what tools I need if I buy a course? Before purchasing the course, it will be said the tools you will  need so that you can get them. Many of the materials are the same in the different courses.
  • How do I know if I’m doing well? Courses are designed to make it easy to understand and know if you’re doing well. We’ve taken care of this part of the work in detail.
  • What happens if at some point in the course I start feeling any pain, what can I do? During the course and in all the videos we will talk about the different symptoms that you may go through so that you can understand the whole process that your body will live. But in any case you can ask about your doubts with us.