Mandibular-Pelvic Relationship

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Project Description

One of the tasks that we work with BioAjustament is to balance these two centers: the jaw and the pelvis. The relationship they have is so deep that doing a job or accompaniment on them will help us to be conscious of them, to be present and balanced. We will discover that when one of these centers get blocked, with pain or lack of mobility, directly affects the other. Here we leave you a small writing to discover their relationship.


Did you know that the jaw and pelvis are physiologically connected and the alignment and relaxation of each one affects the other deeply?

If the jaw and throat are relaxed, the buttocks and pelvis will also be.

Many women have jaw problems and temporary-mandibular disorders: bruxism, headaches, etc.

Developmental biology what calls, embryology, (studies the formation of a complete organism from a single cell). Thus, the relationship between the uterus and the jaw is an early embryonic connection: approximately on the 15th day of gastrulation (when the ovum binds to the sperm fertilization occurs and this cell begins to divide, first to 2, then to 4, then into 8…

Since here we are in this phase, at any given time two depressions are formed in the embryo. One becomes the oropharyngeal membrane that will eventually form the mouth. The other is the cloacal membrane that eventually forms the openings of the urinary, reproductive and digestive tracts. The two branches remain connected even when the column develops and grows, creating greater space between them. In addition to this there is a thin layer of fascial tissue that surrounds and keeps our inner body attached and aligned and that includes a fascial line from the pelvis to the jaw.

If you visualize your pelvic bowl (with your hips articulating on each side, with movement. These move with the reproductive and urological openings at the base) and then you look at the jaw, both have anatomically similar structures. They are quite similar in structure with the jaw joints at the top and the large opening of the mouth at the base.

When your body suffers from shock, stress, trauma or strong emotions such as anger, it is a totally normal a physiological reaction to tighten the buttocks, contract the vagina and press the jaw.

Source: Mujer Alquímia.