Noelia R.

Noelia R.

What began more than ten years ago as the need to practice postural gymnastics to relieve my back pains eventually became an indispensable element for me and my life. BioAjustament is not only a therapeutic method that works very well, it goes much further. The postures and movements that I perform with this method, allow me to observe, experiment and investigate my body, listen to it, feel it, pamper it and love it. It also helps me to let myself flow and be more aware of my ailments, resistances and even my emotions. In short, this work not only makes me connect with the physical body and helps me to know myself better externally, but the well-being it provides positively affects me inside, in my mind and in my soul.

Obviously, this work alone would not be the same if there was not behind a wonderful professional that Marta is. From the moment I met her, her energy, wisdom and smile caught me. It not only guides me on this path to achieve my physical well-being but also the mental and emotional that does so well. Personally, I think she is the essence of this method, and I can only say that since I practice it I feel more relaxed, liberated, connected and at peace with myself and that for me is priceless. In fact, I no longer know that it is to wake up every day with back pain or feeling bad and for that I thank you for having known BioAjustament and Marta, and that both are part of the day of my life.

Noelia R. School teacher.

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