Gemi Bertran (California)

Gemi Bertran (California)

I started doing bio setting years ago because I felt I needed to do something for my body and my mind.  I’ve always felt at home in TECMA, Marta is an excellent, innovative, close professional and my best friend. 

Later I had a car accident, a frontal collision.  The insurer sent me to do a lot of physical recovery that did not give any positive results in terms of improving posture or pain. 

I decided to continue with bio adjustment and it was what helped me to have a correct posture of my neck and shoulders, without violent movements you feel that your whole body returns to place organically, as well as emotionally freed me from the trauma caused by the accident. 

Marta and Gema do an excellent job as professionals but what is most remarkable about them is their integrity as people and as company.  Everyone I know who is going to bio-adjust with them has only good things to say, about the program and about themselves.  Solve problems of the physical body that had no solution and at the same time give you a hand towards self-discovery. 

The only thing I feel is that BioAjustament is thousands of km away from where I work and live, otherwise Bio Adjustment would be part of the Nourish the Brain program in California and all my ladies would do it ….. one day it will be! 

Gemi Bertran. CEO Nourish the brain institute( California USA)

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