Dolors Castellà

Dolors Castellà

In front of the blank paper, with a quiet breath and with the intention of describing the work Marta has given me over the course of all this time, I get excited.

The first day I walked through the door of the BioAjustament studio, 14 years ago, I remember my precarious awareness of my body. That gave me the vision of seeing my head come through the door first and then my body. I was totally unbalanced. In a few months I began to notice changes in my body position. Also I notice the relaxation of my body and in the disappearance of pains that were fully integrated into my life. And with a little more time I got emotional improvements. In my own way, seeing balance is an ideal and integral state and one change causes another. So, piece by piece everything returns to its natural state and balance. So, in my hectic daily basis routines there is a sacred time: Attendance at my weekly BioAjustament class with Marta.

BioAjustament is a postural re-education tour created and guided by Marta. It is meticulously studied, in technique, times and processes.

If you can reach her and you trust you will only need let yourself flow slowly under her directions to get great changes and results in your body.

In particular, I remember that, at the end of the excellent class, my body appreciates the work done, and Marta gives the play a great song, ALEGRIA Du Cirque Du Soleil and let me transport for its notes and aroma. The day is still the same, but I’m already completely renovated.

Thank you for your work and your great ability to share it.

Dolors Castellà.  General Manager at Phoenix Arts Europe

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