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What is Bio-Adjustment?

Body work method that helps to restore the physical-psychological-emotional balance. It is based on an Osteopathic vision of the body, as an inseparable unit.It is designed so that one can manage the work you need at all times.

The creation of the same, is given by the investigation for more than 10 years with people with diverse physical problems, which were repeated a time after different treatments.

We saw that without an understanding of our body, an awareness of what was happening to us and self-management did not end with pain.

This is where, based on different body techniques and always based on this vision of Osteopathy I created a new method of work, which included:

How it works

1. Research of the body itself

  • From a posture a series of questions are generated to know where we are and how we have the body.
  • Explanation of the possible causes that can cause these dysfunctions.

2. Distinction, mobilization and balance


  • Work with stretching exercises and body mobility.

  • Use of materials such as balls, sticks, churros in body stearic sites to re-balance the body system, self-treatment and self-relocation.

  • Explanation of the possible causes Minds that cause pain and limit our mobility to life.

  • Integration, understanding, and mental-emotional and physical liberation.

3. Techniques to help self-manage our own body


  • Knowledge to apply the technique that will be better for us.

  • Safety in ourselves (Only we can feel like we are, the perception of each person is unique and different in all people).


It is a method that can be practiced in a group or individual.

When practicing in a group, knowing that each person is unique and their body expresses different things, it is designed so that the effect is beneficial for everyone.

If we remember that the body functions as a single unit, it is not separated from one part of another (example: the head’s feet), complete restoration is the exercise, it will benefit the integrity of the whole body.

Group classes are held once a week with a duration of 1.30 hours.

The intensive ones can last from 3h, until 1 entire weekend (2 days)

When you practice individually, you can do a more specific job, depending on the person.


Anyone interested in changing, improving, understanding, knowing and acting effectively in your body.