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I want to introduce myself, first as A ESSER HUMÀ, PERSON and WOMAN, I am MARTA.

Throughout my years I worked as an Osteopath, Body Educator in Microgymnastics, and thanks to all the people who believed that I could help them with any problem they had with their body, now I am here, presenting the method I have created, BIO-AJUSTAMENT. 

For 10 years now I have my own center, where I teach classes (Currently 20 classes per week with 20 groups of different people). For my life, many people have passed, who have helped me grow personal and professionally. Thanks to them I can say that I have the experience of today.

I love to explore and experiment with my own body, hence I have been training in different body and psycho-emotional techniques. After trying them with myself, the fact of transmitting and teaching this knowledge to the people who trust me is very rewarding.

BIO-AJUSTAMENT It is born of my need to be able to give all the information about the different techniques that I have acquired, creating a new one, linking all the others but from my perspective. They are basically physical techniques, so that people can help themselves in their health. I like to teach people, to know their body and give them tools in order to know what to do at any time when their body asks for pain, be it physical or psycho-emotional. 

I believe, from the bottom of my soul, that we all have the ability to know what is happening to us and what to do at all times, we just need someone to teach us to recover our inner wisdom.

What do you think if I help you and we walk together in this fantastic way?

A life-long path, an exciting path, and once you are there, our body awakens and becomes conscious. This one begins to speak to us, a language unknown to some people, and curious for others. When this happens we can finally reach a conclusion, WHO CAN YOU KNOW BETTER THAN YOURSELF?

Well with this technique we help you discover yourself, your body and something else …