Montse R

Montse R

Hi Marta

I came to Bio-Adjustment, by chance. They recommended it to me.

I was looking for something, to release my armor,

My emotional part, since I was conditioning myself, to do bad things

Body postures and therefore I was not well with myself.

I have to say that I declare myself unconditional to classes.

In these 3 years of practicing it, I have been learning to correct

My bad habits and, above all, I was able to solve it

a part, of a vision problem that worried me. I have done

with the pole in the head, every day, as you recommended me.

When I have some discomfort, instinctively I already know what

I have to do, put on the churros, or we put balls to the place

that bothers me, etc.

And to finish I would like to emphasize that when the class is over,

I feel a great energy release, as if you were getting a weight on it, it’s a very nice feeling.

It’s funny, as balls or sticks or churros can reach

Undo these knots that we have so deep.

I am glad and grateful for your dedication to us.

Thank you Marta.

Montse R

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